Oyster Shell/2-Ball Screwball

I like it when you go somewhere and find a great hand-painted sign,

Take away food sold here

then another

Fresh donuts

suggesting that one (most probably) talented yet unsung signwriter

Buttered scone

has global dominance, albeit in a very small geographic area.

Ice cold slush

I mean, look at the frosting on that lettering. That is ice cold.

It's amazing what can make you 'go' when you get older. My Uncle Charlie was a signwriter in the City. He's in his seventies now and can't do much work these days. Neither of his daughters have taken up the family trade, so this sort of stuff reminds me of my childhood watching him work and nostalgia for a lost age. The 'Take Away Food' sign is a particularly good one.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have something in my eye...

Awww, that's a very sweet comment. Thank you *passes hankie*.

Lovely - and you'll never see a 'foot marker' used. Always a proper, curly inverted comma on a handpainted sign.

That 'buttered scone' one deserves to be in the Tate Modern.

hand painted signs are next to bacon, grapefruit juice, crying with laughter and table tennis as the best things on earth (list subject to change), and music of course.

I wish I had a better collection...

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