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Just a quick note to say:

  • Thanks to all of you who suggested places to go in the south-west. They sounds brilliant and I'm really excited about going away. The chip debate was also very entertaining so thanks again for all the comments. That's what makes doing this really good fun.
  • Sorry to anyone who has sent me an email recently and not got a response. All my email got eaten a couple of months ago (wiping a few things I was about to mention or reply to, so do resend if you're waiting for an answer). Since then I've been surviving on crappy webmail and just not keeping on top of it. I really appreciate it when people send me email, and it's not like I'm inundated so I just want to apologise and say I'll get round to replying, honestly.
  • Goodbye. Off on holiday now. No internet. Back in a week or so.

have a nice holiday:)

I wanted to add this to the video collection - it makes me want to laugh and cry (dammit).

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