I've been on the verge of writing an "I'm bored with the internet" post for a while now. Sometimes blogging is fun. Sometimes it's like a millstone round your neck. Feeling obliged to come up with something new when it feels like the same old stuff swillling around the interweb. But I never write the grumpy post because I know it always passes and it did today when the internet came alive again. It was all "wow" and no "meh".

So all in all, I feel a bit bad for badmouthing the internet. It's come up trumps today.

The internet is a difficult thing to badmouth when I Like continues to roll along.

It's always reassuring to know that in an occasionally baffling world there's always somewhere to come and see that sometimes things make perfectly wonderful sense.

Thank you !

Simon James x

whenever i'm stuck and sulky a trip round here always leads somewhere fabulous. i can't concentrate on anything today after finding the dates of the sound mirror openings.
thankyou as ever dearie

I flew home from Sardinia on Monday and the whole Ball enclave were on the plane - I was pretty starstruck by Johnny to be honest and it somehow made the whole flight easier knowing that if we did crash, Johnny would be able to explain why using marbles and a straw hat.

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