Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the Glasgow School of Art 2nd year study day. I was surprised and delighted to be asked to do it last year, and even more surprised to be invited back. In some ways the Art School is the last place I expect to feel welcome as so many of the things I hold dear are well outside the traditional boundaries of "proper" art and design. But that's why I got the gig. The theme for the day was "Dynamic Glasgow" so I tried to focus on what you can learn from wandering around Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

This is more or less what I was saying, with links to more information. The photos are all on Flickr.

It's tricky to organise all these random thoughts into a vaguely linear sequence and make some salient points but hopefully there was something useful in there. It was a great day out for me as I got to hear some of the other speakers and there was a lot to think about. Thanks to everyone who came to listen, and to Bruce and Patsy for looking after me so well.

Well lucky old Glasgow students I say. When you venture out onto the lecture circuit please give me a shout as I'll be buying tickets immeadiately. I wish I'd seen you at Interesting 2007 but I was too late for the tickets, hopefully there'll be a good line up this year as I was a little quicker of the mark !

Thanks for a great post on a dull day at work . . .

DW x

and thank you for writing such a lovely blog which regularly brings lovely things to our eyes !

Hmm, I thought that cafe looked familiar. I have a pic of my mum in front of the Val D'Oro, and we didn't even look in the window let alone go in. I must have been tired, rats...

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