Jacques Tati's wonderful 1967 film Play Time is showing at the GFT this Sunday at 3.40 pm. It's a staggering film, set on a gigantic scale but made up of small, beautiful moments. The trailer (above) sums up its jazzy nature, but I remember it being full of stillness. It took 3 years to film, on a specially created set called "Tativille" that was so big it needed its own power plant. Shot on 70mm film only the cinema really does it justice. It's being shown as part of the Monorail Film Club fittingly introduced by artist Toby Paterson who takes a lot of his inspiration from modernist architecture. Supporting feature is kh-4 which features a young Bill Forsyth. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! What a Sunday afternoon that's going to be. Booking recommended.

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