This TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson called "Do schools kill creativity?" is almost 2 years old but it was new to me when I saw it today at work. I was in an "inspiration session" organised by Ewan McIntosh and Mike Coulter (thanks both) which was designed to get staff thinking and talking and blogging. So here I am. It's a lovely, and very funny, rumination on education and creativity and how sometimes they can be at odds with each another.

I often think that my kids are the most interesting people I know, which is no slight to the grown-ups. The way they have of being fantastically inventive and also cutting through the layers of crap that somehow come to scale your eyes as you get older is great to be around sometimes. It's so important that schools harness that rather than crushing it, something which does seem to be happening in Scotland with Curriculum for Excellence. Anyway, it's well worth a watch if you haven't seen it before.

thanks so much for drawing my attention to this, anne. really. amazing.

What a wonderfully insightful speech. And what a depressing thought that throughout the world his thinking is almost wholly ignored.

Ho hum.

Simon James x

Oh, thanks Anne. I haven't actually listened to it yet - I want to do so when I'm less distracted - but by the sounds of things it's on my current 'pet' topic.

Simon James - I don't know. I think it is changing. Certainly in Scotland there are moves afoot to change the way kids are taught. I can see the theory at work and the practice at Tommy's parents' night.

Helen! I thought you'd stopped blogging. Lovely to see you back. Congrats on the baby. Loving what you're writing about it (and the fact you're writing at all).


I stand it seems somewhat corrected. If this way of thinking is pervading the world of schooling in even the tiniest amounts then it's very good news indeed !

Simon James x

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