New, from the makers of Little People: a tiny street art project which photographs miniscule people on the streets of London comes Inner City Snail: a slow street art project. I love Little People - so tiny and animated. There's a book due out in September. Not so keen on snails but nice to see them doing something useful for a change.

I like it!!!

Brilliant! I want one. Bagsy 'John'...

I've not seen little people before. That's really cool!

I used to paint snail shells as a kid - nothing so artistic, just so I could follow the individual snails around the garden from day to day. But I started to get a bit attached, and worry that the brightly painted shells made them more visible to birds.

Wonder how long these guys last...

That's a very sweet story. Me and my brother used to have snail races. Funny to think they could be so entertaining.

Our son Archie used to paint spots on snail shells and numbers to track them round the garden. He drew elaborate maps of their movements. he had names for them all too I think.

this is so cute!

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