I heard some sad news at the weekend - Hitherto, the lovely shop at the back of Tinderbox on Ingram Street is closing down. The full story is on their website. Hopefully it's just temporary but at the moment the future is uncertain and they need everyone's help. The last time I was in there it was jam packed with fantastic stuff that you can't get anywhere else (paper Moomins!) and what's even better is a lot of it comes from local artists, particularly students. They've also been kind enough to stock my postcards and badges and sell quite a pile. So get in there while you still can, snap up some goodies and help Hitherto bounce back soon.

Thats a shame, its such a good place. I really hope they get a new shop soon.

From the times I've been there they seemed to be making something very unique and special.

Yeah, definitely. It's streets ahead of any other shop I've been to. And it's a shame because it was doing really well. Fingers crossed something or someone can save it.

That is really sad, I love that shop and have bought some fantastic presents in there. I hope it's resurrected. Do you know what date it's closing, I think this is worth the rail fare to Glasgow to catch it before it closes.

I don't know an exact date but I think it's open for the next week or so anyway. I'm going in this week so will see if I can find out.

Paper moomins????

Oh. Just read the full story, that really is very sad.

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