Cellardyke Bathing Pool

Signposted on Nothing To See Here, the old bathing pool in Cellardyke. We end up there a lot at the end of a day-trip to the East Neuk of Fife, without ever setting out to go there. The pool was all the rage in the 1930s with a diving board and rows of changing huts, now it's still there, but only just. There are more tidal salt-water pools on the lidos website and the Guardian guide to the best places to swim outside. If you have somewhere similar, that you're inexplicably drawn to please send it in.

There's one of those just by St Andrews Castle. Similar sort of state when I last saw it.

hi, anne, how are you?

there's a place just south of whitley bay with the lovely name 'cullercoats'. there's an outdoor swimming pool where we used to go as kids.

i haven't seen anyone swim in it for many years - perhaps the warm water of foreign holidays was its end. it's also got a lovely name: 'table rocks'.


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