France's Eurovision entry, Sebastian Tellier singing Divine was clearly too good to get anywhere in the competition. Obviously an eccentric man singing a lovely slice of breezy pop with nonsense lyrics just doesn't work anymore. It has to be all overblown and Russian to win. What a disappointment. Must be bad if Terry Wogan is thinking of throwing in the towel.

I couldn't agree more. The voting was a shambles as well... the whole thing's finally turned into a pointless political exercise. It's the last time I'm watching it :-(

Tellier was awesome. La ritournelle was a genius song way back when, and when he popped up in the Euro i was like 'MUM! HE'S A REAL PERSON!' and she was like 'w/e'. but yeah, him and Bosnia (genius) were robbed.

From the minute he arrived on stage in that milk float, he had my vote. Especially because he wasn't wearing any shoes. What a guy.

Not only does he play a red SH-101 but he does so with heatproof gloves - robbed indeed.

Seb was great, but I don't think he'd have won even in the so-called golden age of Eurovision. Just too eccentric for the masses. The Russian is already well known in a quarter of the voting countries, so he was always on to a winner. It's not political voting, it's just the balance has moved in the other direction. Now, Bosnia, they really were robbed.

Oh, and Terry's well past his sell-by date. He used to be cheeky and irreverent. Now he's the Daily Mail made flesh.

How do you feel about Graham Norton then? Apparently he's next in line.

I an't think of anyone more suited to do it - which isn't a compliment, just an assessment of how few people there are that could do it well.

I'd miss Wogan, but oh well. He's not even that funny anymore, anyway. Just bitter...

In the subtitled red button version we noticed there was much use of the word 'chivers' and I still have no idea what it means. Apart from a kind of marmalade (or was it lemon curd?).

Brilliant, he was.

Made me think Jarvis should be our entry for 2009...

If a Western European country played one of its big (as in, Big all over Europe) stars, they'd do pretty well, they just don't bother.

Terry has been a bit rubbish these last couple of Eurovisions, used to be quite funny like but this year barely said anything!

Yeah what was with the 'Chivers'? I owuld also like to be enlightened.

I agree - it's a great song and a wonderfully Gallic video. However I'm not sure it translated very well into a live performance. Only when I came across it on YouTube did I recognise it's true genius (and then bought the album off iTunes).

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