Marks and Spencer's ads

Spotted recently in Marks and Spencer's cafe, these lovely displays made from fragments of their old packaging. Obviously this one was best because it's mostly biscuits and buttons.

I like with added balloons

The Orange balloon race is causing quite a debate. Firstly, I think it's a great idea. I've never seen anything quite like it and didn't think for a minute that balloons would really drift across the interweb but they do. On the other hand, it gets annoying pretty quickly, you need a lot of time on your hands to play the game and the website is a total nightmare (anytime I've tried to do anything that wasn't either getting a balloon or adding a site it's been impossible). Still, fair play to Orange and Poke for trying something different and pulling it off.

On a side note, I'm surprised by the sense of outrage it has provoked, although I did hate that never ending webpage with a passion that was surprising. I've had a few comments about it being out of character for I like, which I understand but don't agree with. Plenty of things get free publicity here. I'll advertise anything for nothing if I like it. Secondly it's not totally about advertising. I mean, it is in a way, but I joined in because I was intrigued and taking part would let me see how it works (although I've got no idea how it works). I work with the web and am always interested to see what people are doing with it.

Any thoughts? If you're reading this through RSS wondering what's going on do have a look. I don't think I like will stay the course for the whole race but it's been an interesting ride so far. Picture from davidthedesigner who hates it. Sorry David. It's only a bit of fun.


"Bees invade Mark Poulton's Punch and Judy booth" by Paul Russell who consistently takes great seaside photos.

I like postcards and badges

Summery postcards, get your summery postcards here. Only available online now that Hitherto is no more.

A Cultural Guide to the United Kingdom from James Houston on Vimeo.

I was at the Glasgow School of Art degree show today and same as last year, didn't make it past the Visual Communication stuff. Which is no bad thing because it's very good. James Houston's Big Ideas: Don't get any Radiohead remix using old computer equipment is part of it. No wonder it's been right round the internet. Seeing it on a big screen really shows off the colours and the composition - it's a beautiful film as well as a really clever idea. He also did A Cultural Guide to the United Kingdom which has a totally different style but is also brilliant. It's incredibly elegant and flows beautifully, but it's really fun. And it does what it sets out to do (present the diverse culture of the UK) in a very effective way. interesting2008 attendees will be able to see him speak tomorrow. For everyone else check out his website. The degree show finishes tomorrow (Saturday) so get in quick. There are some photos of the degree show on Flickr. Lots of other goodies there.

The keen-eyed amongst you will notice that there's a little balloon bobbing around on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It's getting ready for the world's first internet balloon race which starts on 23 June. You can sign up for a balloon or add your site at The balloon on the site means I like is part of the course (or something) Not sure I really understand how it's all going to work but it sounds intriguing. Provided it doesn't involve any effort I'm game. It's all something to do with Orange. More info on the website.

Carry On Screaming

Out now Carry On and Hammer Horror commemorative stamps from the Royal Mail. Better pictures on The Guardian website. They're miniature versions of the original film posters and look absolutely great, even when they're tiny.

Hello world

Today's word is "under". We walked under the sea at Deep Sea World in North Queensferry. It's got a really long underwater tunnel where sharks and other fish swim overhead. The best were the rays because they have such human-looking mouths. They kept gliding past, watching over us.

Under the Forth Road Bridge

Deep Sea World is under the Forth Rail Bridge which is beside the Forth Road Bridge. Double bridge action - very cool. I like being under bridges, must have some troll heritage. We spent a bit of time kicking about between them. This is what the underside of the Forth Road Bridge looks like. Mmm, bridgey.

Cafe, Gretna

For cafe lovers everywhere, I tried to capture the atmosphere of this very strange place in Gretna. Full story of a cafe with no name, an ominous photo and a cranky parrot on Nothing To See Here.

Dish of the day

Present & Correct who made the wonderful Alphabet of endangered species have done it again with a really smart set of classic cafe notecards. 4 different designs celebrate great British dishes in a fitting old-timey way. There are other items to coo over in their new shop.

Prestwick views

I've got a lot on this week and haven't got round to writing half of what I meant to, so here's a picture of our Saturday afternoon watching the planes at Prestwick Airport. The road to Monkton runs parallel to the runway and there's a little worn out verge where people stop and watch the planes. Ayrshire is the land of people sitting in cars staring at the horizon so it's in heavy demand but we were lucky enough to get a space. Even when planes are so common it's pretty mind-blowing seeing one taking off right beside you. Free entertainment for all the family.

The Billy Liar House

The Billy Liar House, from the 1963 film shot on the outskirts of Bradford is the subject of the latest print from We Live Here. This is a slight departure from their usual brutalist masterpieces but it's just as lovely and a steal at £20.

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