A Cultural Guide to the United Kingdom from James Houston on Vimeo.

I was at the Glasgow School of Art degree show today and same as last year, didn't make it past the Visual Communication stuff. Which is no bad thing because it's very good. James Houston's Big Ideas: Don't get any Radiohead remix using old computer equipment is part of it. No wonder it's been right round the internet. Seeing it on a big screen really shows off the colours and the composition - it's a beautiful film as well as a really clever idea. He also did A Cultural Guide to the United Kingdom which has a totally different style but is also brilliant. It's incredibly elegant and flows beautifully, but it's really fun. And it does what it sets out to do (present the diverse culture of the UK) in a very effective way. interesting2008 attendees will be able to see him speak tomorrow. For everyone else check out his website. The degree show finishes tomorrow (Saturday) so get in quick. There are some photos of the degree show on Flickr. Lots of other goodies there.

And a very personable young man he was. It was excellent to see Big Ideas on a big screen and it went down very very well. I would suggest we can expect big things from him.

Simon James x

Oh, that's good. He's only young, it must have been daunting. My friend is one of the tutors at GSA and said as much. How was the rest of the day?

The rest of the day was great. I've started putting some of my notes on one of these new fangled blogs : http://dig-your-fins.blogspot.com/ , however I've only managed speakers 1-5 yet and there was 29 I think.

Favourite for me was some amazing animation using a record deck to make a kind of zoetrope : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=to99C-0cLGE&eurl

All I'd suggest is that you get your tickets for Interesting09 nice and early as I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Simon James

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