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Today's word is "under". We walked under the sea at Deep Sea World in North Queensferry. It's got a really long underwater tunnel where sharks and other fish swim overhead. The best were the rays because they have such human-looking mouths. They kept gliding past, watching over us.

Under the Forth Road Bridge

Deep Sea World is under the Forth Rail Bridge which is beside the Forth Road Bridge. Double bridge action - very cool. I like being under bridges, must have some troll heritage. We spent a bit of time kicking about between them. This is what the underside of the Forth Road Bridge looks like. Mmm, bridgey.

Is that ray smiling or scowling?

the london aquarium is a treasure too - there's a bit to stroke rays that fancy a stroke too. and you get to go under bridges along the way. although they're not quite that big. it's one of my favourite treats.

I remember, a few years ago, wandering about beneath the Forth Road Bridge trying to track down the remains of the original North Queensferry railway station, which opened about 15 years before the railway bridge and was closed in the 1950s. There's not very much left of it at all - a small bit of platform on the Ferry Pier, and a hollow in the ground on the far side of the housing estate, marking the filled-in tunnel mouth.

That sounds interesting. I love finding relics like that. Must look the next time.

So lovely to see something about North Queensferry! The Sea Life centre architect is a friend of my parents and when I was wee I was allowed to go in when it was still being built. Is the park at the other end of the village still there? I used to imagine I was going to swing all the way over the road bridge. Fab.

I liked the geography of North Queensferry and the way you're at the bottom of a big quarry (is that what it is?). I'd love to walk along the top of the hill to see the view but it's private property.

We singularly failed to find the Forth Bridges Museum so will go back another time. Didn't see a swing park. Is it above the road on the way out?

Yes, it used to be a quarry; the stone was moved away by sea. There's a working quarry still on the other side of the hill, facing Inverkeithing Harbour, and at least one other disused one which can be seen from trains, immediately north of the railway tunnel.

You can walk around the shore to Inverkeithing, though, through the bottom of the old quarry, and see various other industrial remains surviving. There's a disused pier that still has narrow-gauge railway tracks on it; I think it was used during the First World War for naval supplies.

North Queensferry also has a lot of Famous Residents considering its size; well, two. Iain Banks, and Gordon Brown.

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