Prestwick views

I've got a lot on this week and haven't got round to writing half of what I meant to, so here's a picture of our Saturday afternoon watching the planes at Prestwick Airport. The road to Monkton runs parallel to the runway and there's a little worn out verge where people stop and watch the planes. Ayrshire is the land of people sitting in cars staring at the horizon so it's in heavy demand but we were lucky enough to get a space. Even when planes are so common it's pretty mind-blowing seeing one taking off right beside you. Free entertainment for all the family.

I love aeroplanes. It's hoped that the reborn Avro Vulcan will be at the Biggin Hill airshow this weekend. I'm hoping that it'll fly over our house on its way south.

Of course the reason sitting in cars staring at the horizon is so popular in Ayrshire is that it's nearly always too damn windy and cold to leave the vehicle... Lovely pic by the way :) And speaking of Prestwick Airport and the Monkton Road, many is the time I cycled that road and watched Concorde do circles and bumps. It always took my breath away.

I love your balloon!

Wow, Concorde. We had to make do with Ryanair. It was still good though.

bb - thanks. I'll explain nearer the time!

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