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The Orange balloon race is causing quite a debate. Firstly, I think it's a great idea. I've never seen anything quite like it and didn't think for a minute that balloons would really drift across the interweb but they do. On the other hand, it gets annoying pretty quickly, you need a lot of time on your hands to play the game and the website is a total nightmare (anytime I've tried to do anything that wasn't either getting a balloon or adding a site it's been impossible). Still, fair play to Orange and Poke for trying something different and pulling it off.

On a side note, I'm surprised by the sense of outrage it has provoked, although I did hate that never ending webpage with a passion that was surprising. I've had a few comments about it being out of character for I like, which I understand but don't agree with. Plenty of things get free publicity here. I'll advertise anything for nothing if I like it. Secondly it's not totally about advertising. I mean, it is in a way, but I joined in because I was intrigued and taking part would let me see how it works (although I've got no idea how it works). I work with the web and am always interested to see what people are doing with it.

Any thoughts? If you're reading this through RSS wondering what's going on do have a look. I don't think I like will stay the course for the whole race but it's been an interesting ride so far. Picture from davidthedesigner who hates it. Sorry David. It's only a bit of fun.

Sorry Anne, I'd like to enter into a discussion, but I've already promised Mike http://www.reedwords.co.uk/reedwordsblog/reedmiscellany/misc.html
that I'll never mention the subject again.

Fair enough David. Let us never speak of it again.

I love the idea its crazily ambitious and really well put together.

I took the code down of my own site after a day though, didn't quite feel right.

Is it a Scottish thing or is it me but do all you lot say "well". It always makes me laugh when my girlfriends grandmother does it. For instance a conversation would of come to a natural conclusion and in the period between the next starting, instead of having one of those deadly silences she'll say "well".

On another note Radiohead are playing at Glasgow Green today and i've decided since I couldn't sleep i'd instead listening to all their albums starting at 5:30 this morning with Pablo Honey.


Guilty as charged, although I've no idea if it's particularly Scottish or not. It's certainly an old people thing to try and avoid silence. There must be chat at all times.

Enjoy Radiohead. Should be a good one!

This balloon race has taken me to a lot of sites. Made new friends. And it's friggin' addicting! :) See ya around! -kinkeehhhh (the canary) *just flew over*

I actually wanted to leave you comments at the entry you'd made about Pretoria in 2007 when you worked there...it's a pity you have a negative "experience" about the city...i used to live there almost 20 years..i think you just ended up in a "not-so-good" area...it's a wonderful city and cultural-wise ..after 1994..i would agree with you...but in the 1980's it was one of the best cities...even now in most areas it's still the best...better than London..cleaner than London...just a pity that all those lovely wonderful shops we used to have in the inner city are not there anymore...but there's a HUGE in the suburbs, huge shopping centres which you obviously (sadly) missed...i guess you didn't have anyone to take and show you around this beautiful city... i'm in London for 5 years now..so know little what i'm talking about if i say it's sort of better there... :))

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