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It's a funny thing, but every Thursday I go into some sort of blogging meltdown and think I'll never post again. Every Thursday. Then by Friday it's fine. Saturday I'm full of vim and vigour. Sunday is the most productive day of the week. Then Monday the decline starts again until it reaches its nadir on Thursdays. The readerships runs opposite to this, peaking towards the end of the week. Down at weekends. Oh, the pressure. So I just thought I'd mention it for once, instead of sitting at home fretting and also to squeeze some kind of post out on Thursdays. Just so you know, it's hard work sometimes. Not just dripping off the tongue. Blood, sweat and tears, it is.

oh i know duckie, i know. you're a brave little trooper and we're very proud of you

It's okay. I'm over it now it's Friday.

I blame all the felafel . . .

I blame all the felafel . . .

Simon James x

I don't think I'm impatient however I always seem to post my comments twice over. I blame the felafel . . .

That's ok. It's been a bit quiet so getting everything twice isn't too bad.

That felafel was a godsend. Have you had the spicy felafel wraps out of Pret a Manger? They make everything seem alright again.

I've been reading I Like for about four years now and it always impresses me how fresh you keep it, and how low on repetition. It does look effortless.

Felafel fans: just got back from Berlin which is felafel city. Dada Felafel on Oranienberger Strasse does some of the best I've ever tasted. They usually make them fresh on the spot and they're cheap as chickpeas as well.

Thanks spud. I shouldn't complain but sometimes it's hard keeping it going. I'm sure most bloggers (who do something for nothing) feel this sometimes.

Mmmm, felafel. Mmm, Berlin. Would love to go there one day. If only the air fares were cheap as chickpeas.

Anne, as you say, blogging (for most) is giving and sharing something for nothing, so the effort involved doesn't go unappreciated. Keep up the good work, even if it's just once a week or once a month :-)

I know this feeling! I'm glad you shared it. I love my little blog but sometimes I do feel an extraordinary amount of pressure to keep it current and interesting... it is relentless sometimes! :)

Thanks for this post! x

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