Biggar fish and chips

After all that debate a while ago on where to find the best chippies here's a short field report on the UK's best fish and chips of 2007. It's official. They're at the Townhead Cafe in Biggar in South Lanarkshire and were very good indeed. You get a huge portion, the fish was light as a feather and there was something almost architectural about that batter.

Is that a slice of lemon?

I love the way they've got their first aid facilities in the gallery bit of their website.

That does look a bit gorgeous. Your individual lemon wedge and free-standing mushy pea carton are classy touches. Excellent batter stalagmites - was it Gaudi that you had in mind?

How are you off for proper sit-down chippies up there? As opposed to takeaway-onlys? I think they've thinned out a bit in London (unlike their patrons).

Gareth - yes, a big lemon wedge. Very generous portion.

Spud - there are less sit-down chippies than takeaways, but I haven't noticed the numbers of either diminishing. It'd be a sad day in Scotland when that happens.

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