After our visit to Gladstone Court we went to the Gasworks Museum in Biggar. To cut a short story even shorter it isn't one of the world's most fascinating museums, even by my standards, and it smells a bit. However, it more than made up for this by having a superb line of Mr Therm merchandise. That's him in the photo on the door of a gas fridge.

I've had a thing for Mr Therm since seeing him 15 years ago in an exhibition about Eric Fraser in Aberdeen. Fraser was a superb illustrator who did a lot of advertising work particularly for the Radio Times, Shell and Guinness. He created Mr Therm for the Gas, Light and Coke company to symbolise the friendly face of gas in the home. He was a familiar face until the 1960s appearing on hoardings, adverts and even in the GLCC's resident Therm Band, "where "the musicians wore ridiculous bulky cardboard costumes with cut-out holes for their faces, impersonating the ubiquitous mascot" 1. He's one of my all-time favourite advertising mascots along with the Bic Boy (created by Raymond Savignac), L'Omino, the Bialetti coffee man and our dear friend Potato Pete.

Mr Therm? Mister? I like that logo too but I've always thought of it as female. Disconcerting.

But it's a joy to discover the existence of the Therm Band. Do you think they ever recorded? 'Life's a Gas', 'Classical Gas'..the set list writes itself. (Dusty Sevens needs to get on the case: they'll probably turn out to have a 'Best Of' available on Trunk records...)

I worked for British Gas for many years. I have a chrome two sided figure of Mr Therm about 5 inches tall with a threaded extension down from one of his feet. I believe it could have been a bonnet mascot for an old regional chairmans car. or more simply some kind of trophy

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