Voltaire & Rousseau

There's a wee piece on Voltaire & Rousseau, my favourite bookshop on Nothing To See Here. I spent a lot of time in there as an English student, sometimes buying great works of literature, sometimes buying dusty old books because I liked the cover. It also gets the credit for introducing me to M. Sasek after finding This is London there for 50p.

I took my first visit to the shop today, completely on a whim, fancying something different than a typical lunch hour browse in Borders and Waterstones. I'm Glasgow born and bred, and a complete bibliophile, but have never visited Voltaire & Rousseau.

In fact, I didn't even know what was its name - just that there was a second hand (and fiftieth hand, by the looks of some of them) book shop in Otago Lane.

Sadly, being a bibliophile and caring much for my books I couldn't bring myself to buy - despite copies of out of print titles I'd love to read - because I'm not keen on yellow, smoked pages, tarnished covers, broken spines, and prices written on. Not that they all were - just the ones that interested me.

What, prices written on in pen? That doesn't sound like them.

One was written in pen. But written on in pencil is bad enough, no?

Pen is bad but I don't have any problems with pencil. Otherwise how do you know how much it costs?

Er...post-it notes? :D

Sometimes I wonder how the big bookstore chains survive in this city with so many ace second hand bookshops around. The run from Caledonia Books on Great Western to V & Rs via Thistle Books is pretty much perfect, especially as you can follow it up with a cup of tea from Tchai Ovna and go through your haul.

think I'll take a trip this weekend...

I've never been to Tchai Ovna. I've always been a bit scared. Must go one day. Hope you find some bargains!

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