Thanks for all the London tips. There are some brilliant things in there including the location of Sunshine Desserts from Reggie Perrin. Not sure if this is one of those things that everyone knew except me, but 1960s curio The London Nobody Knows is on YouTube. Part one is above and here are parts two and three. I only found this after I'd bought the DVD although all is not lost as it's (a) better quality and (b) paired with charming piece of 1960s whimsy Les Bicyclettes de Belsize (opening credits).

Getting James Mason in was a stroke of genius. I love the way he keeps drifting into his native Yorkshire accent.

Also - I dunno If I've mentioned it before, but the 'Swinging London' DVD of the 'Look At Life' series is superb - lots of coffee houses, markets, the Shell-building, the demolition of Piccadilly (which thankfully never happened). It's a gem. Not much on YouTube, but here's the 60s fashion bit:

I skimmed the review you linked to, which mentions the Saint Etienne film I've never heard of (Finisterre). Then happened to pop into my tiny local library branch, and there it was among the DVDs!

Love the inclusion of Les Bicyclettes! Seemed somehow fitting!

Could that be a Delia Derbyshire piece midway through part 3?

Thanks for the link to The London Nobody Knows. Lovely how the film builds - from the poignant shots of the old music hall at the beginning to the more hard-hitting footage of the meths-drinkers and the Yiddish song at the end. I'm a great fan of Geoffrey Fletcher's books, on which the film was based, too.

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