As part of my London jaunt I tried to cram in as many classic caffs as I could. The results:

Gambardella's, Greenwich

Gambardella's, 47 Vanbrugh Park, SE3 7JQ

We took a long hike through Greenwich Park especially to check this out. It was worth it. Sizeable, with one big room, a back salon and a whole other (non-classic) cafe next door. Run by the same family since 1927 the decor is mostly original with some extra bits and pieces like the fab chairs added in the 50s. The family that run it were lovely and chatted to us for ages. The food was good - crispy chips hotter than the earth's core and ice cream that was out of this world.

The photo on the back wall (the Trevi fountain?) is a recent addition as Richard Curtis has been filming his new film in there. Something with Rhys Ifans apparently. The owners thought it looked the part so they're keeping it up. Other celebrity guests include Jools Holland, Danny Baker and George out of Men Behaving Badly who comes in for his breakfast every day. More photos here.

The Lorelei, Bateman St, Soho


[Photo by Tsingtao] I've long fancied a trip to The Lorelei after seeing pictures of that weird mural so dustysevens and I met up for a pizza and a chinwag. It's a very strange place, deathly quiet, sitting on a bustling Soho street. It feels like the world stops turning as soon as you step in the door. Good pizzas though and very cheap. Good to keep in mind if you ever need a seat in Soho.

Pelicci's, Bethnal Green

E. Pellicci

Friday, Craig and I met up (for the first time! exciting!) at the Olympic posters exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. He took lots of pictures of the posters so I didn't bother and has reported back in a fulsome manner. I was a bit early so went looking for Pelicci's, the UK's only listed cafe. Sadly it was shut for the holidays but even gazing on its locked door was a pleasure. Maybe next time.

Nice to know that Pellici is listed. What a shame that the New Piccadilly (and many, many others) didn't get the same protection.

Well... Ally @ dustysevens was telling me that Lorenzo at the New Piccadilly didn't want it listed. I can't remember why now, something like he wanted to be able to sell it when he retired. Not sure about the rest though.

Ah. I always thought it would have been nice if the Museum Of London could have reconstructed it as their cafe.

Thanks for the review of Gambardelli's - it always looks closed when I go past!

Who on earth is George out of Men Behaving Badly? Has life passed me by?

Is it George or Men Behaving Badly that you're not familiar with? If you've seen the programme he's the one who works in the office with the cardigan. If you haven't seen it it's nothing to worry about. It wasn't very good anyway.

It just goes to show how much attention I pay to such things, Anne, but you're correct - George was a character in Men Behaving Badly. In my memory, the man in the cardigan was in an entirely different sitcom along with Martin Clunes.

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