Lark's lion Clothkits

What did I say? Lions. Lovely, lovely lions. The ever-wonderful Lark are selling these smashing Clothkits (easy-to-make clothes for kids) based on 70s designs. This is exactly how I like my lions. Not too cheery, not too scary, just dignified, with a perfectly round head. King of the jungle!

Hi Anne,

Emma grew up wearing clothkit clothes. I don't think she remembers them very fondly! That is a pretty cool lion though.


Those sort of lions always remind me of Mr Benn letting the animals out of their cages at the zoo...

We used to cut a dash in Clothkits threads, though the villagers seldom saw it that way.

Not for the first time this week I wish my inner archivist had surfaced earlier as the catalogues were most distictive.

The lions may be lovely, but they're dungarees and as we all know they are the clothing of Satan himself...

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