Satins, soor plooms and Berwick cockles

I've been in the country this weekend, far from modern inventions like television and the internet. To prepare for this deprivation I spent a long time in the Moffat Toffee Shop, probably the best sweet shop in the entire world. Moffat is only a small town but the toffee shop is huge and has more pick 'n' mix than you could possibly imagine, plus metres of mixed boilings and posh chocolates up the back.

Candy pebbles

I always end up buying something I've got no intention of eating, like Candy Pebbles, just because they look so nice. It's very handy for the M74 if anyone is whizzing up and down there over the holidays.

Hi Anne, have you been to Gordon & Durward's in Crieff? It's an ace sweet shop - see my post on my blog

Hi Anne, have you been to Gordon & Durward's in Crieff? It's an ace sweet shop! See the post on my blog

You make sure you wash those mixed boilings down with a big glass of ginger...

@Storyquine - Oh yes, I know it well! I made a postcard of its shop window. It is fab, but I think the Moffat Toffee Shop is ever better. Great to have them both though.

Doon in Troon last month, I bought some Soor Plooms from a very nice wee sweetie shop somewhere in the centre of toon. It was on a corner of the main street that leads to that truncated pillar thingwy near the seafront.

They were soor, those plooms, very soor indeed, just the way I remembered them. I felt like Proost with his Mad Elaine.

I'm glad you mentioned the Mad Elaines. I thought of him too. I wonder if he ever tried Soor Plooms.

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