Handy map of London

I took a photo of this map in a window in Fitzrovia, thinking it would be handy if more maps looked like this. Obviously you need to drill down into the detail at some point but generally, this sort of thing is great for quickly getting a grip on a city. Not sure what's in the grey bits though. The unimportant and the poor, I suspect. Anyway, a lively debate is breaking out in the Flickr comments about the titling of these circles with diamond geezer questioning the existence of London's Midtown and dusty7s pining for a mythical place called Tyburnia. Is there really a Noho? I didn't know(ho) that.

'Midtown' is such a load of crock not even estate agents call it that. I work there some of the time and it's either Holborn, Lincoln's Inns' Fields or Chancery. If any part of London could be seen as the middle of town, it's Trafalgar/Leicester Square which is in the mysterious greyness below Soho.

City Central is also bull: it's the City, end of. There are still area markers indicating the border of it (I know as I cross from Holborn to the City by simply going to the nearest Pret a Manger).

Noho is silly but I have heard it used before, but Midtown is definitely a new one on me. And where's Finsbury, Kings' Cross, Somers Town, where's St James'? Pimlico, even...? And 'City Borders' is particularly egregious. One good thing about the city's guardian griffins is they help one work out exactly where the financial district once ended, when bearing in mind how it expands itself...

And what of our old friend Somerstown?


Excuse me while I vomit.

Anyone who starts employing 'Midtown' will be announcing themselves to the world as a copper-plated technicolour twat. Fact.

Is Paddington a more vital and interesting bit of London than,say, Brixton? Discuss.

residents of Farringdon might be put out by this...
Also Midtown is surely for those with American accents?

There is no such area as Farringdon. Farringdon is just the name of a train station in Clerkenwell. Not having Farringdon is about the only thing this map gets right! I like the idea though.

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