I'm going to stop talking about lions real soon, but not quite yet, as I've been given some good pointers.

Caesar the friendly lion

This is Caesar, a friendly lion from Able (via Grain Edit) - thanks Stevie.

Jonathan Adler lion

Here's an elegant ceramic lion by Jonathan Adler. Part of a wonderful menagerie (thanks Emily).

Look out for Hornsea lion mugs designed by John Clappison, who is clearly worthy of further study (here's an incomplete view) recommended by dick and katrina.

And finally, I've posted this before I'm sure but it's so lovely it deserves another look. The Candylion video from Gruff Rhys where he makes a wonderful paper lion while singing a charming lion ditty.

super bloomin doooper - that lovely video has put me in such a good mood - thankyou dear

Don't give up on the lions just yet Anne - I have some rather fine Turkish Lions to send you shortly!!

Oh, that was just beautiful! I have a little smile now-and an itch to either get out the paper & scissors or the portable xylophone in the blue plastic case, I just can't decide...as always, I leave your blog feeling a little bit better about things. Thank you!

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