Oranges and lemons

Following the selection of his Elephant Man poster as a finalist in the Chicago International Poster Biennial, Richard Ardagh's new Oranges & Lemons letterpress posters are a limited run of 130 and were set and printed by hand. The first in a series of collaborations with Graham Bignell at New North Press, they are available from Nelly Duff, Columbia Road E2.
I don't normally reprint promo text from emails but this is a lovely thing and the blurb says it all. More about Richard at Elephant's Graveyard.

I love this poster, it totally scratches my 1984 Obsession itch :-D

How adorable - I love Oranges and Lemons and now I want poster. xx

I don't understand what is new or innovative about this, or the Elephant Man poster. Isn't it just a rehash of traditional Victorian posters? Also, I have a copy of The True Story of the Elephant Man by Michael Ford & Peter Howell from 1980 and the cover is very similar to these posters. Am I missing something here?

To be honest, I thought it looked nice and I like the rhyme. I hadn't thought too far beyond that. Did anyone claim it was innovative? I thought it was a clear take on Victorian posters but I thought that was good rather than bad.

I guess my comment related to the artist having made the finals of an international competition with this style of design work. I was wondering if it is enough for contemporary designers to rely on reproducing nostalgic images or whether we should be demanding a bit more from them.

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