St Saviours Church, Westerhouses

Tin tabernacles is a lovely photo gallery of corrugated iron buildings. Mostly churches with some other odds and ends. In the late 1800s these structures were mass-produced and easily shipped to rapidly expanding settlements. Despite the hostile British climate quite a few survive, usually brightly-painted and lovingly cared for. If "wriggly tin" is your bag there's more at another Tin tabernacles site and the daddy of them all, the Corrugated Iron Club.

In the village of Elphin in Assynt there was a beautiful cream and green tin church, used about once a month by a dwindling band of wee frees.I knew it as a major monument on the road to Inchnadamph and Lochinver, and it stood directly opposite a climbing hut i use.
A few years ago we drove into the village, round the crag.... and no church. Just some goats and a bare patch. The village is utterly different; on the same corner is a phone box which people have been peeing in for years. I fully expect that to be gone as well.

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