Knitted R2-D2

I went to Made in the Shade on Saturday, which is a showcase for local crafty types at The Lighthouse. I was hoping to do a bit of Christmas shopping but ending up buying more for myself. First up, little R2-D2 here, made by Ding Dong Designs. They specialise in knitted finger puppets and have a great selection of Muppets, Beatles, and cartoon characters. The Star Wars ones were the most popular and had sold out in around half and hour.

Barney the Owl

I also got this little fella, now called Barney but can't remember the name of the people who made it. Anyone? I'll blog the rest later in the week when hopefully my computer is behaving itself better than it is tonight.

The owl is from Covetables - think the url is That is the owl I had my eye on! It is fantastic :)

Wonder if my friend Rosamund was there - she used to do a big craft fair this time of year, making similar things - and indeed was the person who told me about I Like in the first place - ooh almost a six degrees of separation moment!!

Thanks Claire - I'll add that link. Looks like the right thing. She had great Halloween sweets too!

Ben - does Rosamund have a crafty name? Might have seen her there.

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