Edwyn Collins' birds

Edwyn Collins has an exhibition of drawings of British birds showing at The Smithfield Gallery in London until 15 November 2008.

He was an illustrator for Glasgow Parks Department before finding his calling as a top pop star. Since suffering a brain haemorrage in 2005 he has learned to draw again using his left hand. As part of his rehabilitation he drew a bird a day and the results are shown here. What a lovely man.

I was lucky enough to be at the exhibition preview, where lots of people who are probably well-known bustled around Edwyn (in a very dapper suit and accompanying cane) his son (now a tall, gangly, longer floppy-haired version of young Edwyn) and his wife - all looking very relaxed and happy. The pictures, set out in simple chronological order along three big white walls, step and sometimes leap along the road of rehabilitation, and what quickly became obvious and special about them was seeing Edwyn's confidence and so his own style come through as the pictures progressed. They are absolutely lovely to look at, detailed, delicate and full of character, but I did ask how much they are - £380 - so hopefully there'll be some cheaper prints or a book down the line.

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