I haven't been feeling the Halloween spirit at all this year, but couldn't see it pass without a traditional Halloween cake. The only place I've been able to find these in recent years is at the Tunnock's bakery in Uddingston. Any excuse for a trip out there. Traditionally the cake is a grotesque face with cream-filled cheeks. The bell and ring used to be baked inside but that's not going to happen these days. Nice to see they're still on the top.


The window display was spectacular as always with an inspired homage to Jack Vettriano's Singing Butler in Tunnock's Tea Cakes and Caramel Wafers. I can't think of any other company (except maybe Lego) that has this much fun with their own products. Previous window displays in this Flickr set.

Anyway, happy Halloween to you all.

That window display actually puts Selfridges London's to shame. They have opted to put Santa in the windows which I thought a bit old hat for them? No? You should have seen the display before...very S&M.

In my line of work I occasionally get asked what my favourite brands are. I always cite Tunnocks [and Lego!] and almost always get met with blank looks, unless there's a Scot or someone from the North East in the room. Then I've pretty much made a friend for life. I do love seeing the window displays you put up.

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