6, by Ben Terrett

Now that October's here it means I have well and truly failed to mark I like's 6th birthday which was sometime in September. Every year I promise myself a bit of a sabbatical, changing tack for a while to talk more about why I do it, what I've learnt, where I think it's going. All a bit more meaty than the seaside and bubble cars. But then I think a lot of you are probably here for the seaside and bubble cars, not to hear my inner thoughts and there's the eternal conundrum. I worry so much about becoming this awful self-obsessed braying creature, the sort of hideous caricature than hangs over most self-respecting blogger, that I don't write any of it.

What I've done this year at least is rewrite the about page and hope it gives a bit more detail without making me sound like an arse. If you want to know all the details about how I like started they're there. And I've cleaned up the archives, so if you're coming here for the first time, or you come here often and have forgotten the best bits, here's a list of everything there's ever been.

And the main thing I want to do, like every birthday is say thank you. Thank you for being here and reading this. It's going to sound cheesy but I like has been a fantastic source of serendipity and pleasure over the past 6 years. When I started it I expected nothing so to have people, smart people at that, visiting, commenting and generally enjoying themselves rocks my world. A lot of people still think blogs are a bit risky, but in six years I've never had a cross word. What a way to keep your faith in human nature intact. So thank you all and here's to many more (and thanks to Ben for the photo).

Happy Birthday almost!

Let me be the first to say Happy 6th Birthday :)
And also to say thank you, there's always something interesting to read/see/link

Yay!! Hoorah for 6 years of I Like. Thats actually making me feel a little old.
Thank you for keeping me entertained for all that time!

Happy happy birthday to you ! and thank you for continuing to be one of the nicest, friendliest and most interesting corners of the internet. Having been to Great Yarmouth (a waxworks, a model village, the world's largest rock shop and two piers !) yesterday I'll celebrate your birthday in style by travelling to the Bubble Car Museum and raising a glass / cup / beaker depending on the facilities . . .

DW x

here's to being 6 and thanks for making the internet a more tangible and friendly place

Happy Birthday ILike. I first dropped by about 5 years ago, after every time I googled for the things that interest me, the search engine always pointed me to this website. So glad to have found it.

Happy birthday! And thank you for bringing all these findings and thoughts to the internet.

Thanks you guys. It means a lot to know some of you have been reading for a long time. Thanks for the lovely wishes!

Six years in and I Like is still one of The Best Free Things Ever. Not just on the internet. Anywhere.

Congratulations and many happy returns.


Happy belated birthday! I was also pointed in your direction after googling things that interested me and I've enjoyed reading every since.

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