A pea fritter

In the interest of research I had to try a pea fritter when the opportunity presented itself in Swanage. It was surprisingly spherical which made me worry the pea:batter ratio would be well off in the centre. But it works. Like its sweet relative the deep fried Mars Bar there's a magic moment on the first bite when the softness of the centre contrasts with the salt and crunch of the batter. The mushy peas were fantastically flavoursome and just the right texture - not too gooey and not too hard. This colourful write-up suggests they're predominantly northern (is that right?) so all the better to find one in the south.

I've never seen these chaps down South. I'll be keeping an eye open for them from now on. They remind me a little of a deep fried snack I had in India, small balls of mash potato in gram flour batter.

You've sold me. I fancy one. Right now at ten in the morning.

I'm imagining them as a home-grown UK riposte to the lentil bhajis that I used to get from the Exotika takeaway next to Clapham South tube: just how tasty and unhealthy can we render this nutritious vegetable through the medium of hot fat?

Makes you proud to be British.

Spud - Indeed.

Mark - if you get stuck this was from the Parade chippie in Swanage.

I'm not in general a pea fan, less still a mushy pea person. To the extent that as a kid I wouldn't eat chips if they'd been contaminated with pea green stain. But I would love to have a bite just to find out. Perhaps I can imagine it would be like the apocryphal story about Peter Mandleson when he was the new MP in Hartlepool and asked if the green mush in the bowl behind the counter in the chippy was guacamole. Can I have a battered guacamole ball? Or else some hot mink ice cream?

Mandy was the MP in Hartlepool? Did he ask who hanged the monkey?? ;->

That thing does remind me of a bhaji - it is also a bittie like falafel which I had for the first time in the Meadows Cafe in Edinburgh in the summer. Anne, that is a place you have to go to - it's probably shut for the winter though. Of course, falafel is chickpea

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