Yesterday we went to Gourock to see the QE2 make her last trip on the Clyde. After this she's going to Dubai to become a hotel. It was brilliant, quite emotional really, as there was such a good turnout. The best thing about it was the flotilla of little ships that came to say goodbye. There was one CalMac ferry plus various tug boats, yachts, dinghies, rowing boats, canoes and jet-skis, like the entire naval kingdom had turned out.

The view from Dumbarton Rock

As we were on a run with the weather and the old enjoying ourselves we crossed over the Erskine Bridge and climbed up Dumbarton Rock. 577 steps up a big volcanic plug to get a glorious view each way down the Clyde. On days like this Scotland is hard to beat.

Not been up the Rock for years, cracking day for it though. I was a few miles away at Inchinnan, working!! (you can pop in for lunch there, you'd love the building! You know it, of course, as the Rubber Tyre factory..)

That's where we went afterwards! If you saw someone running around the car park with a camera that was me. Photos coming tomorrow.

Lucky you working there. We were too late for the cafe but maybe another day.

Reminds me of when we went down to the Thames and watched a silent Concorde being shipped to its final home after years of hearing and watching it thunder over our house.

It's all going, isn't it?

I was trying to avoid saying that but yes, it's all going.

I normally avoid saying it too. I really dislike the referencing of a mythical time 30 years ago when everything was better than it is now, but lately I do seem to be turning into a nostalgia-ridden old man. Now where are my Werther's Originals?

Mmmmm, Werther's Originals...

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