As promised, the video of Robert "Do you know how they make veal?" Buchanan being interviewed by Stuart "Belle and Sebastian" Murdoch at the GFT showing of That Sinking Feeling is now on YouTube (not embeddable, grrrr). If you imagine the opposite of Inside the Actor's Studio this is probably it. It looks like a very good-humoured evening. Did anyone go?

Also from the GFT, David "The Wire" Simon doing a Q&A in September 2008. Haven't watched it as I'm stuck at the start of series 2.

Thank goodness I was beginning to feel bad that I've not completed the set yet. I've just started series 3, (or rather more glamorously season 3)and was beginning to feel my social standing was on the wane !

DW x

Hello! I went along to the 'That Sinking Feeling' and it was an ace evening. Q & As can be really awkward but there was no danger of that: Buchanan was charming, unpretentious and funny and Murdoch was relaxed and didn't try to upstage Buchanan. The film was ace and chat was acer :)

Ah brilliant. Glad to hear it was as good as it looked. Everyone looks very jolly in the clips and it's nice the way the audience is just chipping in too.

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