That sinking feeling, Bill Forsyth's first feature film from 1980 is showing at the GFT this Sunday, as part of the Monorail Film Club. From the newsletter:

Bill Forsyth's iconic first feature film, set in a fictitious town called Glasgow, lays down a winning, slightly awkward style which paved the way, only one year later for the much better known Gregory's Girl. That Sinking Feeling, which has a very similar cast to Gregory's Girl, is perhaps slightly clunkier, but is still a brilliant document of a late 70s / early 80s Glasgow which already looks very different to the city we now know. But it's still raining and the character types are familiar enough - Ronnie (Robert Buchanan) and his pals are on the lookout for a brilliant scam to get rich quick, only to hit upon the idea of stealing 90 stainless steel sinks. It sounds slightly unplotted and gauche, and really it is, but somehow it totters forward with brilliant performances and excellent dialogue, into something completely life-affirming and magical.

That Sinking Feeling was selected by Dep Downie from Monorail Music and will be followed by a conversation between actor, Robert Buchanan and Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian.

And I'm going to miss it because I'm in Bournemouth. I could just cry. I saw it years ago and remember it exactly as described, unlikely to win any oscars but still wonderful. Robert Buchanan went on to play Andy in Gregory's Girl, (Gregory's daft mate who goes on about moving to Caracas). I'd love to hear what he's got to say and I'm sure Stuart Murdoch will bring something to the table to as B&S often seem to channel the spirit of Gregory's Girl. Would be great if someone could record it (the interview I mean, not the film). If you're going, enjoy.

Oooh, that's my favourite film that is, with my favourite film opening, in the rain, up by the statue of the Earl on the horse at the top of Kelvingrove Park. 'I don't see many O-Levels there, Earl old chap...' Genius. Makes me wish i lived in Glasgow. Then i remember the rain and think again.

Ah, it wouldn't be the same without the rain. I lived in Australia for 9 months and missed the rain like crazy.

We'll hopefully be filming the interview... We'll get it up here in a week or so:

Sorry you can't make it.
Jen (GFT design and marketing)

Oh, brilliant! Thanks Jen. I didn't know the GFT was on YouTube. There's some other stuff there I missed so I'll have a trawl through. Hope it goes well.

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