Let's get through Wednesday by Reginald Bosanquet

I picked up Reginald Bosanquet's autobiography on Swanage Pier because it has such a great title. Sound advice really. For younger viewers, Reggie used to read the News at Ten in the days when there was only one news at 10. I haven't read it yet but it's clearly going to be a stormer. On page two, not even out of the foreword yet there's a great story from his co-anchor Andrew Gardner:

Two or three seconds before the start of News at Ten, Reggie would always turn to me and, pressing an imaginary pedal underneath his desk, he'd say just two words: 'Vroom! Vroom!' It became a comforting little ritual.

I think everyone should try this out tomorrow, to see if it speeds up the working week. Vroom! Vroom!

i love it - the mental picture is a beauty.

Nope. Tried it but the week's still chugging and spluttering along like our old 2CV used to on a November morning. Wonderful image though.

I'd find that book tempting too. It's nicely tatty and distressed, as if recently liberated from a yellowing plastic library jacket. And full marks to the jacket designer for the Roger Melly style TV background behind Bosie. And to the stylist who was clearly taking a day off from the other Reg: Varney.

Now I need to go hunting round for Roy Plomley's autobiography. There are some great bits in that. I seem to remember earnest discussions about which luxury items to permit on Desert Island Discs. Upright pianos were OK but grands were out because you could shelter under them or use the lid for a raft!

When I worked in an office someone would usually call out 'Have we made it?' as Wednesday's working day came to an end. It was downhill from then on...

This week has flown in. Wonder if it's connected (or perhaps it was all the work I had to do).

Didn't his father invent the Googly?

Blimey, he did an' all. Well spotted!

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