Bit of a busy week this, so here's a musical interlude - Glen Campbell and The Beach Boys singing Guess I'm Dumb, one of the loveliest songs ever. You can't go wrong with that combination, can you? Backed by dancing girls, punctuated by screams - now that's what I call music.

10,000 points for that. I love that tune. Brian Wilson gave it to Glen as a thank you for all the session and live work he did for the Beach Boys. Glen used to sing a lot of Brian's parts live when Brian wouldn't tour. It's on 7" but very rare. I'm still looking...

Thanks Charlie - nice to have your approval. I know you have high standards ;)

I think I prefer Glen's voice to Brian's. Is that contentious?

Not contentious in my book, Glen's voice is far better to my cloth ears. I think Brian just shades it on the writing front though...

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