Boundaries by Tom Taylor is a nifty thing that uses Flickr shapefiles to find a place and its neighbours. I'm saying that like I understand it (I don't), but it sure is pretty. I guess it's a crowd-sourced, more accurate version of this.

London map

It doesn't seem to recognise Noho anyway, like most Londoners, apart from the ones that made this map in the first place.

Noho doesn't exist officially now. The company that knocked down the lovely example of municipal architecture, Middlesex Hospital to build the ghastly "Noho Square" have pulled out, leaving a vast flattened square.

It could make a nice park though.

And there I was thinking my Facebook protest group had had an effect on the developers. ;)

The removal of the Middlesex Hospital changed the whole "feel" of the area. Such a shame.

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