In case you missed it, dawdlr has creaked into action. This is Russell's version of slow Twitter. "What are you doing, you know more generally?" updated twice a year. It's one of the things the internet was invented for - a lovely mix of online and offline. There's a nice write-up as part of the slow blogging movement (?) in the New York Times. If you want to join in, hurry - less than 6 months to go!

Oh phew. Just when I was worrying about my terminal lazyitis.

I think this is a quality beats quantity, tortoise beats hare moment (no anti-rabbit sentiment intended).

Nodding in agreement though too about the twitter to connect/blog to reflect distinction - at least, as one version of how these things can work, not like a Dogme 95 of the internet or anything - and Dawdler's simple loveliness seems like another step forward, with a perfect mix of collaborative ideas.

By the way, you've probably already seen this but, if not, here's a great lonely lion trek bottle for you.

So that's my excuse - I'm a slow blogger!

I like that. Makes me feel a lot better about evenings spent on the couch staring at the notes for yet another never-completed post.

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