Tobermory tatties

It's that time of year where we're gradually working our way through local parks and museums. So yesterday we visited Summerlee, Museum of Industrial Life in Coatbridge. It's just reopened after a big renovation and is a fantastic place to wander about. There's one big building full of industrial things and old-timey displays showing what life used to be like in this bit of North Lanarkshire. I learnt a lot about mining, pig iron and sweet-making. There's a lot of nice old packaging on display.

1960s house

Outside, you can ride an old Glasgow tram round to some old miners' cottages kitted out for different decades. It's really nicely done. The 1960s house was my favourite.


Then there's an old coal mine you can poke about it and some rusty engines that are always good for found type. I took lots of photos and really recommend it, especially as it's free (apart from the tram ride) and open all year round.

I used to love Summerlee, but could never bring myself to do the actual mine bit, it scared me so much.

I'd love to go back now that it's been reopened.

Hi Anne

Have a look here and spot the difference between your second photo and the homepage!


Oh yes, not much in it. Well spotted!

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