Tweecret Santa

I was getting excited about Christmas this evening and had a notion to do an online Secret Santa. I thought it might be relatively easy to organise using Twitter, so ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tweecret Santa (thanks to Ben for the logo).

If you want to join in, follow Tweecret Santa (I mean follow in a Twitter sense). I'll put up instructions once I've worked out what they are. Unless I'm missing something all that's required is a price limit (£10?), a cut-off date (30 November) and an even number of people (100, in case of excessive demand). After the cut-off date I will randomly assign givers to receivers and let the givers know who to send an anonymous gift too. Everyone sends a gift and receives one. It would be good to have something that collects the results, like a Flickr pool or a tumblr.

It would also be really nice to buy things from independent shops or crafters, but that's not obligatory. The point is to give something lovely and bring joy to the heart of another. So if you're thinking "Oooh, I can get 10 things from the Pound Shop" think again. Anyone up for some festive fun?

Hurrah! I am all for this. Thanks for thinking of it!

It's a lovely idea, but I think the price limit should be lower - makes it more of a challenge!

I dunno about the price. I was looking through a lot of crafty sites when I had the idea. You can get something really good for a tenner but I didn't see anything amazing for under £5. And I think if people are having to go to the bother of posting it off it should be something really good. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong shops though!

Hi Anne, that photo is very like the one on my friend Lauren's blog - Have a lookie. This idea of yours reminds me of the balloon race - didn't you mention that on this site somewhere too??

ooooh nice idea

This is such an awesome idea

This is a great ideas chaps
Well up for it...

Thanks all. I'm pleased at the response so far. Let's see how it goes.

Sounds brilliant! I'm definitely up for it.

ohhh super dooper. i'm in but i'm not back off my hols till the 5th of december. now who am i going to give that sombrero to ?

ooo excellent idea!

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