How are you all doing with Christmas? Done your shopping? Waiting 'til Christmas Eve? Sick of the whole thing? I am almost done so normal non-Christmassy service should be resumed soon, but until then let's get down to the business of Christmas decorations.

RSPB glass birds

Above: Hand-painted bird Christmas decorations from the RSPB. £9.99 for six (via Wee Birdy).


Next up, felt Christmas pudding decorations from Lupin. $12.75 for 2.

Cross-stitched Christmas decoration

And finally, cross-stiched decorations from Fluffplanet, available in a few different designs. 3 for £2. Total bargain. I bought loads of these, they're great.

My favourite this year, the Archbishop Rowan Williams tree decoration:

Also comes in Archbishop of York variation.

Oh wow, that's superb. Wrong, but superb.

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