Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar, Rawtenstall

I (finally) wrote up a visit to Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar in Rawtenstall for Nothing To See Here. It's Britain's oldest original surviving temperance (non-alcoholic) bar. We went there earlier this year on the way back from Somerset and it was really interesting. I can still taste the glass of Blood Tonic I had, in a good way. I really enjoyed researching this and finding out all about the Temperance Movement. It's a fascinating piece of social history.

I used to have an enamel membership badge from the Sons Of The Order Of Temperance - their motto was Love, Purity, Fidelity . I found it in Portobello market. It was in a fetching suffragette purple and green colour combo with the motto on a scroll.

My dad could remember street-corner Temperance meetings in London between the wars, and could even sing the odd verse of 'My drink is water bright! Water bright!'.

The movement also ran billiards halls in an effort to lure the lower orders away from demon alcohol. The exterior of one such hall in Clapham remained unchanged until about fifteen years ago - when it became a pub. Inevitably.

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