Auld Lang Syne

Well, it's that time of year again. Out with the old, in with the new. I've seen a few people listing their resolutions (all good ones) so thought if I do mine I might stick to them this year. I do feel like something needs to change.

  1. Cook more. Cook better. Eat less. Eat better
  2. Go swimming at least once a week. Go for a walk at lunchtime
  3. Stop giving myself a hard time about everything. Do something about it instead
  4. Do something else/more with my postcards
  5. Turn I like and Nothing To See Here into the sites they really could be
  6. Get more freelance work (all offers gratefully received)
  7. Make more/owe less money
  8. Get a book published
  9. Seriously chuck out all the crap I have lying around
  10. Always have good shoes and a good haircut

Some will be easier than others but I'll try them all. All the best for you and yours. Have a great 2009!

Hey Anne, bliadhna mhath ur and happy new year to you. My only resolution is to sieze the day and not miss one opportunity to tell my friends and family that I love them. (my dad has had v bad news from the doctor, so will be a difficult year) I hope everyone else in blogland will do likewise! ((hugs))

Keep it coming dearie (BOOK! BOOK!), you're doing just fine for 09. Thanks for keeping us all sane in 08 by the way. Hope those pounds shillings and thrupennies wend their way to you right soon.

Storyquine - sorry to hear about your dad. Your resolutions sounds like a good one. All the best for 2009.

cordeaux - thank you. I regretted publishing those resolutions. Thought I sounded like a right arse. But I should aim high this year, right?

je ne regrette...
You're our diva of the detour and the drift. Keep thinking J Meades and P Ashley, Rebecca Solnitt and Rut blees Luxembourg, and do your thing girl.

Thank you Cordeaux, that's a wonderful thing to be called. Had to look up those last two names there - a most educational comment!

Hi Anne,

Happy new year! I like number 10. I don't suppose I'll even manage that! You go for it though. Good luck, John xx

Hi John. Happy new year to you too.

No.10 is proving pretty hard so far. I tried buying some shoes over the internet but that was a total failure. Back to the sales tomorrow and a haircut on Saturday!

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