Jug of Tea RIP

This is all that remains of Morecambe's iconic Jug of Tea stand. Now demolished, along with its upstanding companion The Arena Funfair in the name of civic improvements. The Jug of Tea Flickr pool has been renamed accordingly. We shall never see its like again, sob.

flags at half mast. i'm assuming the tolling bells i can hear are joining in the mourning of a national treasure. national treasures even. still i'm sure they'll put something fabulous there instead...

A sad loss to Morecambe's photograph hunters and bemused visitors. I am officially in mourning. Do you think Elton John would be up for re-writing Candle in the Wind in it's memory or any chance of re-issuing your fab postcards as a tribute?

We must have seen it mere days before it was demolished. I feel humbled, somehow.

Only ever admired it from afar but that is...beyond tragic. Blasphemous almost.

'And it seems to me that you lived your life like a teabag in the pot / And would not diffuse your tannins till the brew was hot.'

This needs work..

* wipes tear from grimy face *

Truly it was our Jug Of Tea Of Hearts.

Is there still time to make this a Christmas no.1?

I found it far more interesting than the hotel.

'And just like Morecambe's namesake you even had a little urn / Your jug was emptied suddenly - not ever to return'.

I've got to stop now. I'm welling up.

Just what is the point of doing that? What sort of complete rubbish are they going to replace it with? Civic improvements my arse...

Yes, my arse also. Our collective arses, in fact.

I googled around to see what it's going to turn into, and the results were inconclusive. I saw something saying landscaped gardens and something else saying flats.

I really hope it's not flats.

according to this:


it's going to be a " a new public amenity area called Seaside Square, which aims to provide flexible external spaces for food and drink, events, outdoor seating and public art." - though that was written in february, so anything could have happened since then.

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