There have been so many lovely Oliver Postgate tributes today that it hardly seems necessary to add another, but at the same time, how could I not? I like the way that every talking head has gone straight for their favourite Small Film, which pinpoints their age within a couple of years or so. It's Ivor the Engine that means most to me. I remember Bagpuss vividly, but Gabriel, Professor Yaffle, Madeleine and the others were an odd bunch. The noises The Clangers made drove my mum mad, so they were never on, but everyone in da house loved Ivor. He was so gentle and so green. From youtube, here's the first episode.

Oliver Postgate was surely in possession of the loveliest voice in history.

Mr Phew: Is it coal you want, Mr Jones?
Jones: What else have you got, Mr Phew?
Mr Phew: We've only got coal, Mr Jones.
Jones: Right then, we'll have coal.

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