Envelope angels - reuse envelopes in style

I had a happy moment this morning when I remembered that I'd forgotten to open my Secret Santa present from work. And an even happier moment when I dug it out of its hiding place and opened it to find these Envelope Angels. In case it's not obvious, they're labels you stick over the address on a used envelope to make it shiny enough to use again. They come in two models, original angelic and London Underground issue (above). They're really nicely designed - the box acts as a dispenser which you can refill, and Blue Marmalade, the people who make them are so nice they'll even recycle the plastic stickerbacks for you.

It's only a little thing but it's possibly THEE most appropriate gift as I'd been looking for something like this lately and couldn't find it. And I'm a bit obsessive about recycling, but I've never told anyone at work that. They must have known by the state of my desk or something. So thank you Secret Santa.

Wow, they're brilliant, I'm going to look out for them.

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