Fire engine, Portmeirion

I was going to say something about Patrick McGoohan's passing, but all I can think about is Portmeirion. We went there in 2006 on our first Great British Holiday and it's stayed with me ever since. It looks great on screen, but is so much better in real life. I think, because The Prisoner is quite cool (I mean, cool in tone, sort of chilly) it hides some of the charm of Portmeirion. That's what hit me, all these wonderful little funny details. The door marked Fire Engine (above) is only about 3 feet high.

For the summer of 1959, in honour of its splendour

I loved it all, but my favourite thing was the inscription on the statue of Hercules, which features quite heavily in the series. The beautifully turned out plaque says "To the summer of 1959, in honour of its splendour". Then underneath, in the same ornate script "1971 Highly commended" and underneath that, "1975, excelled even 1959". Wonderful.

Anyway, there is a nice Patrick McGoohan tribute from Robin Llywelyn, managing director of Portmeirion and Clough Williams-Ellis's grandson:

There is no doubt that the Prisoner as we know it would not have been possible without the location. Clough admired and respected McGoohan for the way his series portrayed Portmeirion, especially from the air. However Clough was never quite sure what it was all supposed to mean. Typically of Clough, he never asked McGoohan for a location fee, and was very surprised to find it was an international sensation as soon as it came out.

Related: a new CBeebies programme called Captain Adorable was filmed there recently. I can't find any trace of this online, perhaps because the one episode I saw looked bloody awful, despite featuring master toddler-whisperer Justin Fletcher as a caped (but rubbish) superhero. It was shot in the style of Lazytown, really bright and dynamic, and Portmeirion looked amazing. Secondly: Philip at English Buildings posted an interesting thing yesterday, about some Williams-Ellis buildings in Cornwell, Oxfordshire. Must add that to the list.

Be seeing you.

The new re-make with Ian McKellen has just finished production in Africa - partly in a portmierion-esque town called Swakopmund.

I got married at Portmeirion. I love the place. Clough William-Ellis had a great way of wearing socks.

cordeaux - I saw something about a remake. Is Ian McKellen No.6?

Johnny - lovely spot for a wedding. Could you elaborate on the socks?

McKellen is No.2 I think. James Caviezel is No.6. Have a look at What political/cultural point they make this time around is not clear but I hope it's not going to be silly and luvvy like New Dr Who (uh oh... but, but, McGoohan was a rebel and never looked for Winslett-moments). We need those outspoken iconoclasts.

I'd not heard that Patrick McGoohan had died – the day of his passing was my birthday so perhaps my attentions were elsewhere - so neither had I realised the spooky appropriateness of my Cornwell post: thanks for mentioning it. I'm still haunted by The Prisoner, having seen it once long ago (I must have been an adolescent at the time). Perhaps it was one of the things that first drew me to picturesque and unusual architecture...

Oh, by the way, a picture of the socks is here:

What next? they'll be doing a remake of Reggie Perrin...oh

We might need a simmlar statue to the splendor of this winter! By the way, isnt it Atlas, rather than Hercules?

No, it's Hercules. I don't make the rules. Thought it was Atlas myself.

Oh yes. Hercules gives Atlas a break. Good lad!

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