My coping strategy for returning work tomorrow is to listen to Matt Monro's We're Gonna Change the World (mp3) full bung on the short, yet depressing walk between the daydreamy cocoon of the train and the stark reality of the office*. And to keep listening until I believe that glorious, people-powered change is possible. Every I time hear this it puts a spring in my step because the tune is so jolly and the lyrics are so bizarre. It's a good tune to start a new year.

And here's 2007's new year tune. There wasn't one for 2008. Very remiss of me. That's probably why it wasn't a great year. It didn't have an anthem.

* Songs 1, 2, 3 and 7 of my most listened to songs are the ones deployed on this journey. Those and The Man Don't Give A F*ck by the Super Furry Animals.

09:00am Mon 4 jan 1909. 09:00am Mon 5 jan 2009. 09:00am Mon 7 jan 2109. Fill the timesandwich with what you're good at, here for, and disregard the rest (apart from loved ones of course). You'll feel slightly guilty of course as most of your otherwise pefectly nice, normal colleagues will have absolutely no idea what you're thinking, whilst wishing them happy new year. As Picasso said - I don't seek - I find. Come, run, this is our moment (said in a James Mason accent... now STOP it, you're freaking them out now...)

gee but i wish i could do a james mason accent. is there any other song ever ever that mentions a thermos brew ? what a treasure. i hope it got you through

Very much so. I brushed away a tear and carried on!

Ohh deep joy Anne
Is now nestled on my ipod, and came up on the drive into work today - its fantastic
Love Matt Monro


Jaunty melody. Bonkers lyrics. What's not to like?

I'm fond of this genre. Someone - usually familar from the musical interludes on The Two Ronnies - is off to make the world a better place. They're urging us to accompany them with a jolly marching refrain and a lack of specific policy proposals. If they're The Candy Man they may tempt us with candy. Or they might wave an alluring banner if they're The Banner Man. Matt's enticement appears to be...mmm, running around? Whatever. It's the spirit that counts.

For a more reflective and ballad-y take on this theme can I recommend Grady Tate's 'Sack Full Of Dreams'? Because he's got a sack full of dreams.

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