Jim Jarmusch's golden rules #2

One of Jim Jarmusch's golden rules, as presented by Mark Malazarte. I agree wholeheartedly (via Ace Jet 170).

It's a lovely thought. Anyone that says I'm allowed to copy and cheat has to be part of my team.

But what is the object? A postcard?

I think it's just a graphic at the moment, as I found his name in the comments at Swiss Miss. Looks like it will become a print/poster due to popular demand. See http://swissmiss.typepad.com/weblog/2009/01/nothing-is-original.html

as a regular pilferer of pop culture, I also wholeheartedly agree :-)

That's just great isn't it.

DW x

He's made some rotten films though. I dont know what he was ripping off when he made Night On Earth but I hope I never see it!

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